Lord Please Let it Be My Turn For a Miracle from Heaven, Help Me Now

by CB

Dear Lord in Heaven,


Why have I been forgotten? Why won't anyone help me? I don'thave the strength to hold on, I'm so tired of the constant fear. Fear of losing everything, fear of not being able to pay bills, fear of not being able to afford medical help, fear of not being able to hold on anymore. I'm so sick and tired of being broke, I'm sick of living so far from my family and not being able to afford to go home. I don't want to visit, I want to move back home. I moved here thinking it would be better but things are worse, not only is my life still a financial nightmare but now I'm alone too. I'm sick of pppast due notices, I'm sick of debt collectors.

I know it's greedy but I want to be rich and wealthy, I want to win the lottery so I never have to worry aboutmoney again. I'd buy myself a home where I feel safe because I don't feel safe where I am now. I'd buy my brother a home so he has space and freedom, I'd help my friends Debbie and Nancy who are also struggling financially. I'd help the animalshelter to care for the abandoned animals who need a home.

I could do so much, not just for myself but for others. I'm not a bad person, I've got a good heart and I care about people so why do I feel like no one cares about me? Dear Jesus Forgive me and help me now, let it be my turn for a miracle. I can't hold on anymore, I've exhausted all means to try and get out of debt. No one will hire me because of my age, my invention won't sell because

I can't afford a patent and no one will consider it without one, I don't have money to pay my monthly bills and things keep getting worse. I know others are struggling too, I know I'm not the only one with this prayer. I've been begging for help for so many years and all I get are more problems, why can't I go home, why can't I be free of debt, why can't I have the money to live debt free, to help others and to finally try to enjoy life instead of living in fear and crying every day. I've been here 17+ years, I want to go home. I want a home where I feel safe, a home near my family, a home where I can have my family over for Christmas dinner, a home I can be proud of and not have to worry about not being able to pay bills ever again. I want money so that I can help others and pay my bills on time, no more past due notices, no more worries about getting sick and not being able to afford care, nomore worries about whether we can afford groceries, no more lonely holidays, financial freedom is freedom. Money can't buy love or happiness but it can allow me to breathe easy, allow me to see my family again, allow me to live and that can bring love and happiness.

Please let me win the lottery, let it be my turn to be happy and live before I'm too old to enjoy life. I've missed out on so much and now my time is running out. I don't have that many more years to live, do I really have to spend mylast years in such sadness, loneliness and fear?

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Dec 17, 2012
Financial Help from Above for You
by: philip

A blessed day to start with by saying Hello and Happy New Year.

Touched by your request and I have decided to give a willing help to secure smiles all over your face and family.

I work for a newly established firm in Austria, Canada and USA and we have gotten few investors from Standard Life Plc located in Edinburgh, these investors and not Standard Life, have agreed to partner with us in loans/investment plans to numerous borrowers all over the world, so therefore you can apply for the loan

Our Firm name is Hextral Financial Group and the investors have agreed on the interest rate of 2% and a refundable/repayment period of 1month to 90 years with low, bad or high credit score.

Word of Truth, we are not like other loan firms that gives false statement that they don’t collect upfront fees, meanwhile in the process, they begin to ask for it, so here is our word of truth: We collect upfront fees ONLY at the closing of loan, which will be deducted from the Loan Amount and then remit the balance, SO YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY FROM YOUR POCKET,if you don’t understand, Please ask and I would explain better.

Thanks for your patronage and understanding as we are willing to help at No Upfront Fees

Contact email: Philipeckhardt@yahoo.com
Send Text to: (516) 406-3053

Jun 18, 2012
My sentiments exactly
by: Anonymous

perhaps we can remember each other in prayer, I am sure you were eavesdropping on me because these are my exact sentiments, the exact way I feel and it is becoming worse for me I am feeling the hurt in the pit of my stomach

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