Lord, please let us be able to pay our bills timely

St. Jude,


Thank you for your miraculous and incredible intercession that you have made in my life. I am sitting here on a beautiful ocean blue laptop, in a safe house with my family all around me. I would have absolutely nothing without the Lord and my life would have no direction to the light without the influence of St. Jude. He brought me out of the darkness. I turn my life over to the Lord to lead me in the direction I need to be in.

Thank you oh Lord for the gift of baby Quinn and the hope and joy be brings. Lord, thank you for my husband's job, the experience, opportunity, and self esteem boost that he recieves. Thank you for the offset, the child support, tax refund, and food stamps. Lord, thank you for the easy move and for a working car. Thanks for the ability to pay bills, have a working car, and buy groceries. Lord, thank you for the new start, my husband's sobriety, my family, ability to be a stay at home mom, and my better self esteem.

I feel so much more hope, despite my worries. I have been so blessed by the Lord and wish to lead a life to praise him. St. Jude saved me from darkness and led me to truth. The Lord is good and helped me in my deepest despair. Lord, please let us be fruitful, both financially and physically. Please let Chris not prevail in his child support modification. Lord, please let us be able to receive full child support, food stamps, and medicaid. Please, oh Lord let us be prosperous and let the car to not break down. We need it for our livlihood.

Lord, please let us be able to pay our bills timely, have a working car, and buy groceries. Please let us be able to meet all of our obligations, be safe and healthy, and succeed. In your holy name. Praise the Lord!


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