lord please reunite my grandson with his family

In the name of Jesus please covet my grandson with your spirit .protect him from danger as he is only 6 years old.I am putting my faith in your hands as u are the only one whom could make our dreams happen or place us closer to see him more so he will not perish from a feeling of neglect he is very loved and missed due to special circumstances it is out of my hands to care for him as I did for 6 years.take care of my special grandson which I've thoroughly enjoyed these past 6 years I was truly blessed now I need u more than ever as I know what I've done or haven't done.please forgive me for the sins I have committed , but u know how much I've done for Dom and would still do .please help me financially. I will be too old to work much longer.I want to work 4 more years .please hear my prayers in Jesus name Amen.

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