Lost, in need of change! Help me, Oh Lord

by Arianna

I am not a very religious person so how to pray is kinda new to me. I don't know why I am guided to St. Jude but I am in need of some help. I have faced many difficulties in my life, I find myself suck in a life of crime and trouble.


For nearly two years I have been attempting to change my life, find better friends and make better choices. I have found it very hard to avoid tempations and most recently I found myself once again in trouble with the law, I do not want to spend my life in and outta jail and as my children get older this is affecting them too. I want a different life style for myself and my children and I hoping that in finding Jesus Christ and excepting him in my life that maybe I can find guidence and encouragement so I am pray to you saint Jude to please help me in my time of great need I feel lost and in need of guidence I ask that you please help in finding a decent job so I can support my children, and that helping me start over fresh with my boyfriend who I plan to marry and my children. Please St Jude help me I am lost with guidence! thank you Amen

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