Dear God,


I need help with my love life. My common law husband has chosen to turn into the kind of older man who isn't into sex any more. I never agreed to this. I wanted to be the kind of older couple that still makes love. When he took that away from me, it broke my heart.

I joined an online support group for people with the same problem. Long story short, I fell very much in love with a man in the group. We almost met twice. However, due to problems and responsibilities in his life, he is no longer pursuing me.

So, the upshot: I love two men who don't love me - at least, they don't love me enough to take me to bed as a man takes a woman. I'm nowhere near ready to give up on love and sex and be an old lady. If that's how the rest of my life is going to be, then I hope I die soon.

God, please help me. Either let one of these men love me back again, enough to take me to bed. Or - let me find another man, someone I could love, who would take me seriously as a woman.

Or - if your will is for this good part of my life to be over forever and me never to be loved by a man again - please let me die soon. Or do something terrible to my mind so I can't think anymore, because wanting it and not having it is making me wish I was dead.

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