make right our paths and bring a closeness in our family

by Fifa

I ask Our Holy Lord to grant peace in our family, make right our paths and bring a closeness in our family that cannot be torn apart. Please protect my children as you protect us all. Please do not let evil separate my children from me, I love them and in my love for them I feel your presence and a sense of peace for the bond I have with these sweet angels. Please keep our bond tight, our love strong and please please please do not allow us to be separated or split apart. Please keep Angels around my sweet little boys and please keep them smart, safe and protected. Please help the Holy Spirit lead us all down the right path and help us fight this battle by leading our words, thoughts, emotions, and especially our truth. May the truth set us free. Please dear God the Highest, please please don't allow them to take my son, please allow them to see the truth and please keep us together and safe and merciful and forgiving. THANKYOU for the Blessings you have poured over us, please keep me humble but also wise.

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