Marriage Restoration Prayer

by Yolanda

Heavenly Father, I pray that you would build a hedge of thorns and wall of fire around my husband, so that all wrong inflruences, especially Michelle, will lose complete interest, turn as bitter as wormwood, and depart. In Malachi 2, You said that You hate divorce. Show my husband how You hate divorce. Remind him that we made a covenant with You on our wedding day. We exchanged vows that said, "For richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part." Send the Holy Spirit to him to help him remember the sanctity of our vows.


Father God, I pray that all the lies, deception, chains of bondage, soul ties, and sexual bonds be broken today, in the Mighty Name of Jesus. I pray that Michelle is removed from his life forever, that she is exposed for what she is and that he sees it clearly. I pray that our daughters continue to grow in their faith, continue to believe in Your mighty power, and return to You. I pray for forgiveness, healing, and peace for all of us. That we can put all of the pain and suffering from the past 5 years behind us and serve You for the remainder of our lives. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

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Jan 05, 2016
Pls pray for restoration of my marriage
by: Natasha

Please prayer that God restores my marriage, softens the heart of my husband and brings him back to reason and to him. Please also pray for protection and healing for my children, aged 6, 4 and 1 who have been very affected by the seperation

Nov 10, 2015
Restoration of my marriage
by: Anonymous

Please pray for my marriage. My husband and I are drifting apart. There's no more trust in our marriage. And the love is dwindling. We have 2 beautiful boys please pray that God restore our marriage and let us live in peace and love. In Jesus name amen

Sep 29, 2015
marriage restoration
by: melissa

Praying for restoration of my marriage for salvation of my husband for him to return back home to his family...

Aug 22, 2014
God can and will restore your marriage
by: Anonymous

Trust and believe that God is able and wants to restore and rebuild you, your marriage, and your family. "Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the Lord" (Ps. 27:14)

Dear Lord-
I pray in the Name of Jesus that You restore this woman's marriage and family. I pray that You hedge up her husband's way with thorns: and You build a wall against him that he shall not find his paths. I pray that he will not find his lover and he will say, let me go and return to my wife, for it was better for me then than it is now. God, You hate divorce and You say that if we delight ourselves in You, You will give us the desires of our hearts. You say that whatever You have joined together, let no man separate. You are a God of covenant, and marriage is a covenant promise. You did not create marriage to fail. God, I ask that You turn her husbands heart back to her as You turn the kings heart whichever way You wants. God, You are the head of every man. You are in control and are more than capable to do exceedingly above and beyond all we ask or think. God, bless her and her family and all the other marriages that are in crisis. Pour out Your favor and love. God bring Your justice and make things right according to Your word! Be with this woman in her time of need, strengthen her, let her become closer to You. Heal this family. In Jesus Name. Amen. truly helped me.

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