MIRACLE prayer for my husband to be faithful,loving respectful. honest and receive Jesus Christ.


Lord i come before you to pray for my family. first i seek forgiveness for myself my husband ,my daughter, our parents, friends and all other relatives. I thank you God because i know you hear our prayers. I want to commit my husband who has been involved with a relationship with a junior staff in the office and forgotten us,become hostile,run away from home and would not listen or appologyze. i know God even i as i make this prayer public idont have an account of where he is but God you are able to strike with your mighty power for their separation. i would also like to pray for that lady to also change her ways since she knew he was married and knew me and continues to see my husband and meet him whenever and wherever. God you understand my pain i pray for healing . i know God you have a reason why you brought me to this relationship and i pray that God you shall give me victory in all am going through and a shame the devil for the embarrassment and shame and humiliation he has put me through.


Father in heaven also visit my daughter who is unwell and me too and heal us we pray that hospital shall not recognise us again for ourfrequency there and also remember my finances and lift me up for your glorification. I thank you GOD for every person who is reading this ready to stand with me in prayers and bless them and what they do and wherever they go. for i pray beleiving and trusting in Jesus name. AMEN

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My son
by: Anonymous

Please O Lord. Help my son. He does not respect his wife. He lies. He goes out without her. He shows her no love. Please bring him back to You. Please Lord I pray that he becomes a loving husband and father. Let him show love and kindness and appreciation to his wonderful wife and beautiful son. Amen

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