miracle prayer to pass my driving exam

by jeevitha

Dear lord jesus,

I pray to you for passing my driving exam as this is my 4 th attempt lord pls help me drive confidently whenever I drive lord don't let me fail my exam on the 17 th December 8.10 at isleworth .lord let me do my manouvers right without doing anyistakes at the roundabouts.lord I should use proper judgement and not drive hastily on the test day.lord Jesus u said ask and it will be given unto thee.l beg of u Jesus to grant me this miracle.listen to my prayer.I need u r graces to pass my driving exam .come to my help and assist me in my petition .i ask this in your holy name.AMen

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Prayer to pass my driving test
by: Anonymous

Lord Jesus,

I praise you for you are always faithful and always blessing me abundantly.

Jesus I beg you for the miracle to pass my driving test on the 22nd Jan 16 in Cambridge at 11.11am. This will be my 5th attempt oh Lord and you know how desperately I need this.

Please Lord, help me to pass this time I beg you. Help me to apply all I have learnt.

Mary mother of God, please beg your son for me, I know he would not refuse you plea on my behave.

All the angels and saints in heaven please intercede for me.

Thank you Lord for granting me success in my driving test.


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