Miracle prayer to save my marriage

by dinesh

This is to pray for my marriage life. I’m disheartened to know that my wife want me to divorce her because of reason she is not happy with me. It has been just a year when we got married. My wife is from Thailand and I work in Qatar for cement company. I don’t earn much and also my company is not considering to increase pay for long time.


If it for financial reason that my wife wish to divorce me I wish that I could have enough money to take care of her debt. I had planned to live my future with wife in Thailand.

I wish that God answer my prayer and do urgent miracle save my marriage. I have no one else if my wife leave me. I wish that God help me please.


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Save my marriage
by: Pat

Saint Jude, please ask God to reunite myself and Jose in forgiveness and love and a great marriage for the rest of our lives never ending in divorce. Please reunite our family  and fill our lives with love, honesty, trust and loyalty.

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