Multiple Prayer Request

by Femi



Please pray for our below intentions:

• Health of my in laws and my mother
• Husband’s business is not doing well at all, please pray that if it is God’s will for the business to flourish otherwise to discern God’s plan for us
• Elder Bother in law is divorced and his kids(2 daughters) have gone astray ( craving for love), please pray for them to reunite and God to shower his bountiful love on them so that they are always happy
• Younger brother in law and his wife are always fighting and seem sad, they don’t have kids please pray that God should bless with a kid
• For my sister and my brother in law to grow in love and prayerand bless them with another child; My nephew who does not eat solid food, pray specially for him to start eating and understand what we communicate to him
• For my younger brother to find his life partner and to live according to the will of God and succeed in his career
• For our Mala’s marriage to go on well who has been working in our family from childhood .. to have a God filled happy life
• For Dharani to be filled with Gods love and happiness
• For us to be blessed with a baby; be united in love and prayers.. to be filled with the fruits of the holyspirit; and for my husband to be cured of his vericos vein
Thank you

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by: Anonymous

ok. i hear you.

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