My 20 year old son has been on an emotional decline

by Liz

My 20 year old son has been on an emotional decline for over a year now. He does not know our Lord Jesus and mainly lives with his atheist father who believes cannabis is the answer.

He has split from a long term girlfriend and is struggling to work in the testosterone fueled world of tree surgery.
Over Christmas he has isolated himself from all his friends and only came to see me when I forced him.
I made him go to the GP a few months ago but they wouldn't prscribe him anti depressants due to his cannibis use. He went to one CBT appointment but said it was too difficult for him to talk.
Please pray for him? Im trusting him to Gods care and plan for his life but its a daily battle for me. I have two other sons one who lives with me and one away at college. I have a full time taxing job in child protection.

God bless

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