My broken heart

by SU

Dear Lord I know you have been hearing my cries. I have been in pain, the man I have been loving for 3 years cheated on me, got another girl pregnant and I found a girl in his closet. Only you know the love I have for him and only u know the pain I am suffering. I pray you can give me strength to make it through this trial. I need you now. I never felt this pain inside my heart so deep. I need your love and protection for I am so weak right now. and venerable to anything. Im lost in this world. All I can ask is why me, lord? I wish I could see the vision you have for me. I know you have something in store for me bigger than what any human mind can image. I love you Lord. Im giving up my trust into you. I have no one, but you. I need u here by my side. I will never make it without u. I pray you can take my pain and understand me. Forgive me for all my sins and love me as ur child and HELP ME PLEASE PLEASE HELP. I NEED U RIGHT NOW. Lord I know you hear me, I just need to know you r there. I feel you at times. I cry in ur arms at times. I yell for u at times. I talk to u everyday, but Right now I need u right by my side. Lord im lost and I need my heavenly father to take my hand and show me that the future is brighter

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