My husband is applying for a Chief of Police job

by Lisa

My husband is applying for a Chief of Police job in the town where he has been a lieutenant for the last 5 or so years. Please pray for the right outcome for him and the town. I believe he is the absolute best person for the job and he has so many good things and is completely ready and qualified. It's just that it's a really hard time now to be in law enforcement and his blood pressure has gotten really high due to stress. Also, the only negative thing now at all that a background check could find is our credit score is not good. We moved my mother into my basement 2 yrs ago and had to take on a lot of her expenses and I decided to join a debt settlement program so we could make ends meet. I don't want that to hurt his chances on this position. Anyway, please pray that God's will be done, and for God's hand in the process and outcome!! ( and just for the right outcome) Thank you so much all who pray and God Bless!!!!!

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