My prayer for a need not a want

by Joseph

St. Jude..I am disabled with only means of income, I can not work and have no floor covering only concrete floors. Tax liens and a mortgage I struggle to pay and havent bought new/used clothing in years.


God understand my needs and time is important. I do God's will every day and walk i the footprints of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. No maintenance on my small home in 15 years. The basic structure of my home is questionable. I only pray to you for your intercession with obtaining financial resources for my needs.The time I spend concerned over the many problems I have are time I should be praising my Lord and Creator.

His will has been done with coming to you for my needs. Once my prayer has been answered I will announce and evangelize your miraculous intercession. Allow me peace of mind once again so that I can honor my God more and proclaim your miraculous intercessions. Please make my prayer heeded timely.

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