My Prayer For Provision

by Jay
(Farmville, VA. U.S.A.)

Heavenly Father,

As I come before YOU with a humble heart, I am asking for a "miracle" to take place for my wife and me. I am asking for YOU to extend YOUR blessings upon us to open the door to a stable style of gainful employment. I seek to be able to use the talents that YOU have blessed me with so that I may be a blessing to others.
I do not mean this in a prideful way, FATHER, but YOU know my heart when I say that I am more at ease when I am the provider than to have to be provided for...
YOU have blessed me with a wife that is patient, understanding, and more than willing to'pitch-in', despite her frail health...SHE doesn't deserve to be subjected to what has happened...
FATHER, YOU see my prayer, YOU know my heart, so may I ask this in the name of YOUR SON, JESUS CHRIST...

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