My Request For Money For Rent

(Estes Park, CO US)

Dear Heavenly Father,


I come to you, a humble servant, who is in desperate need of money for our rent. I am 77 and my husband is 81. We moved into a retirement home that we rent but, while we are on a set income, the rent goes up 3 - 4.5% each year and we were never told about that yearly increase. The 1st we were told about it was 2 weeks ago. We have been in this house 8 months and the new increase goes into effect Dec.1st so - as you can see - we are in a pickle as our increase is $105 per month. We had not planned for this since we knew nothing about it so, I am begging you on bended knee for some sort of miracle. I have tried to help others all my life but am now worn out, broke and in need. If there is something I am physically able to do for others - I am more than willing to help. I have devoted my life to you by always being a most faithful servant and my love for you goes beyond words. I trust in you, I bless your most Holy Name, and - whether I get help or not - my love and faith in you is unwavering. Thank you for all your many blessings in my life and please forgive my many sins. I ask this in the name of Our Dear Lord, your son, Jesus Christ. Amen

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