My request is for your to please bless and heal my mother

by Rubina

Good afternoon sir/ma'am,


My name is Rubina I am from India, My parents live in Chandigarh, India. My mother is 56 years old and somehow, she got spinal cord compression few years ago which led her to having no sensation in her legs/paralysis since 2009. She has been bed ridden ever since. We do have resources where providing medication and rehab nursing care to her has not been a problem. Plus, my father is a retired surgeon there. My uncle is a physician in Texas as well.

My main goal in life in to make my mother walk again. Since the last 6-7 years, I have been researching into various options available worldwide, for her cure. I have looked into stem cell therapies, surgical procedures, and so on, but nothing concrete has come across.

My request is for your to please bless and heal my mother.

I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you so much.


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