My Son Storm & I Along With Our 2 Fur Babies (ICee & Nubira) Are In Very Dark & Scary Times, Scared Beyond Words πŸ™

by Brandee
(Adirondack Mountains, NY.)

Been Praying Non Stop For Peace, Strength Along With Guidance Thru This Tuff Time, My Son Is Recovering From Recent Brain Surgeries And He's Still Having Tremors And Other Stuff Going On. I've Tried By MySelf & With God Only To Get Thru It All And Take Care Of Us, Since May 15th, 2017 I Have Lost The Only Income I Had For Us To Live On From My Own Medical Claim From On The Job ILLness, Employer Has Won By Closing My Claim Wrongfully And We Are Now Going To Be Homeless At The End Of The Month With No Where To Go And No One But God On Our Side. I'm Scared And Don't Know What Else To Do, Been Praying Non Stop Since It Began And Getting No Where With Any Thing That I Have Tried For Us, I Need Added Prayers For Us, I'm Feeling Like A Complete Failure Because I Can't Pull Us Out Of This One Because Of My Own Health Issues. So Please Pray 4 Us To Find Peace, Strength, Confort In Our Days A Head,That We Are Never Along, For God Is With Us Always And We Will Survive πŸ™ In Jesus' Name We Pray πŸ™AmenπŸ™


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