My spouse and I have been without work for over a year and a half

by S
(Gurnee, Illinois)

My spouse and I have been without work for over a year and a half. We have lost our home , cars and much of our belongings. We had to file bankruptcy and we have lost our 401, savings, investments and almost homeless.


We both have an extensive education and experience yet we can not get decent jobs to keep us afloat.

Please pray for us as we are desperate and need God to bring work to us so we can make a living. Our health is also not good and we do not have the money to go in to have our medications renewed, tests run, etc.
This is a disaster. Please God help us. We have tried to keep your word, we go to church each week, we do work with the church and still we are left in this position. We know you are watching over us as we have had things come to us in the nick of time but we can not sustain this barely surviving situation. We know everything is in your won time and our pastors and elders pray. We can't be this bad to warrant the life we have right now.

Please all pray for us. We need help.

God Bless you all.

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