Need God's blessings to successfully complete last semester of nursing school

by Diane

Dear Lord,

You have chosen me to embark on this journey of being a Registered Nurse this late in my life. Now in my last semester I seem to not to be progressing as I should in my clinical, organization, and prioritizing skills. I know you have not brought me this far to fail now. I humbly ask that you send your Holy Spirit to guide me in all that I do and to help me become the successful, compassionate nurse I know you want me to be- all so that I may care for your children in their time of need. I ask that you strengthen me and empower me to be a good, safe, and knowledgeable nurse. I am on this journey because you have called to me to it. I pray you will bless me with the knowledge to succeed so I may sing your praise by my words and my actions. Thank you for all the blessings you continue to bestow on me and my family.
Your faithful child,

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