Need Green Card , Get JOB on Monday and Healthy & Happy Family Life

by Maribeth

Dear Lord Jesus,


You are the greatest above all you are the creator heaven and earth, all living things including human and I am one of those, Jesus you have suffer to my sins I know no one can ever replace you for your kindness, Only thing for us to respect you ask one of our guidance,counselor and provider. I am here for you to ask a help and miracle happen this coming Monday I have my interview I will claim this JOB for you lord, I know you have good plan for each one of us living in this world, So please Jesus do some miracle for me to get this Job with a good paid of wages, Saint Jude servant friend of Jesus Helper and keeper please keep this JOB for me and help me. I Love You lord I claim this JOB for me be in my hand on Monday please help me. Amen

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