Need prayers for healing and to be healthy, free of all my illnesses

by Sally

Please pray for me, I feel so lost with my health. I have so many illnesses (CF/FM/Lyme Disease ,,anxiety/panic disorder, diabetes, sleep apnea, Acid reflux, heartburn, IBS,Stomach issues, Celiac, stomach ulcers, hernia, brain fog, insomnia, day time sleepiness, head/body twitches, headaches, some deficiency, extreme fatigue and body aches.


I take medication for some but most I'm unable to take due to side effects. I pray that I will get answers and a treatment that works and heals/cures me of all my illnesses. I have been sick for too long, seven years. I feel like my life is passing by me but I can't give up. God is with me, I have to believe this too shall pass and I will be free of all my illnesses. Thank you for your prayers, I believe your prayers will also be answered.

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