Need urgent financial help

by Patrick
(Potchefstroom south africa)

Dear GOD

I pray to day that all my debt can be paid. Lord i am not asking to win large money.Lord i am asking you to bless my business that it become financial sound. That i can open my business and make enough to pay all the people i owe money to too. That i have a very good business. That it grows day by day. That i can feel like i am worthy of being a man again. I want to work for my money Lord. Lord i am going to loss everything i have.please Lord my God. Have mercy on me. Show me your favor. That my pray to you my be answered today.that all my worries my leave me today. That i have enough money to pay my rent. To have my electricity put back on. That i can put a plate of food in front of my family. That i can pay who i owe. I ask this today in the name of THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT AMEN AMEN

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