Now, This time of being sick, please help us with your healing hands

by Trouvaille

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for giving us this life and for allowing us to see the world everyday.
Thank you for creating us with your own image and likeness.
This time of being sick, please help us with your healing hands and please help my aunt for her fast recovery and help her restore in her healthy being. Please avoid her from those bacterias that may made her more unhealthy. Please heal and cure her wounds with your healing power.
Also, help my uncle recover from his paralysis and made him back to the way you created him.
Help my parents for their health, that they may be always healthy and prevent them from diseases that makes them unhappy.
Help my one and only grandmother to stay healthy and be always happy.
Help my family to stay strong with all those challenges testing us, that we may still be more brave and strong to encounter it, and heal us with our spiritual being that we may be more close to you.
Lastly, please help us to be always healthy and prevent us from all illnesses. Please always make them happy. We pray for their fast recoveries.
Please wrap your loving arms around us today and give us your peace and happiness.

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