O Heavenly Father and St.Jude please shed your light......

by Sharmika

Heavenly Father and St.Jude ......I hereby ask again that your miraculous light be shed upon me right now Dear Father LORD as I pray that you continuously work on me, Please make it possible so that I maybe able to land a job that's within my field of expertise but if not that Father I ask that in your Heavenly name whatever job that you may seek that I may be suited upon right now....I'm also requesting alongside in my deepest prayers right now in this hour that you make it possible that I and my significant other see each other a little bit more often and even though that we see each other often I'm very thankful for that as well too....strengthen all areas within our relationship so that it could blossom into something more Exquisitive.....I'm thankful to have him in my life.Before I close on this I would want to say Thank you for shedding your Beautiful Light even in the Darkest moments in my life.

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