Overcome my fears and give me strenth to continue on no matter what lies ahead

by Linda
(Moreno Valley, Ca USA)

Dear Lord,


I pray that you will get me through this obstacle of my life and provide me with strength to overcome my fears. I pray that I will deservingly get the job I need and not let the past haunt me. I don't want others to know of my past because it was humilitating and hope that they never will need to know.
I pray that you will provide understanding and forgiveness in the hearts of others and not let them judge me for my past sins as I have repent and lived my life in God's will and faith.
I thank you Lord for answering my prayers and am looking for positive and good outcome.

Thank you so much for all who has prayed for me and I will pray for you as well. I also pray for my friends and coworkers.

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