Parent's Marriage in Danger!! Please help !!

Father God, I am so frightened my mother and father have been married for over 30 years, i know deep down they are made for one another they are soul mates, been together since they were very young teenagers until now at 50 years of age!! heavenly father, i am begging you for your help ... my mom has recently been talking to people on facebook, random friends who arent even in the country (all over the world basically) .. and tonight my dad looked at her phone and she turned it away so sudden.... so obviously it looks suspicious and she keeps doing it, i know she isnt hiding anything or doing anything wrong, but i keep trying to tell her, the way she goes about it she looks like she is doing something bad behind my dads back, but she isnt and now my dad thinks she is!!! >.< oh father please help please! my dad is talking about leaving, without even talking about it first! :'( I suffer with anxiety and depression etc enough, let alone to have this lingering in my mind, its making me not want to be here anymore. Father i beg of you, please solve this problem with my parents and please heal any tension or trouble between them now, and please just make them go back to how they were :( please dont let them split father, please heal their marriage and keep them together, keep my parents together for eternity like they were meant to be :( Please help, i beg you. In Jesus' name i pray..... Amen.

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