Peace be with you for helping us in prayers of our marriage

by Harris
(Manchester )

Peace be with you for helping us in prayers of our marriage that is falling apart. My wife Edith left me there months ago. For the day she left I was heart broken that I was thinking of taking my own life. But at the same time she has turned me into a born again christain ,I have put all my faith in Jesus. The reason she left for its because of my Anger issue,that I never talked her if things went wrong in the house. I have renounced my anger ,un believe, lies,jelousy, pride,selfish, porn, and masterbating. I am ready to leave a new life in Christ. My wife is at shelters homes. She has high blood pressure, depression, and panic attacks. I love my wife and I want her to come back home. But she has vowed not to come back home. Yet she says she doesn't intend to end our marriage. I am confused. I am praying none stopped day night. The bible says where there two or three > I need a strong prayer to stop the demons that are stopping her to come back home holding name is Harris Kabvina and old at 57 yrs .we been together for over 25yrs.

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