Peace for my loved ones

by Aunt Nicki
(Hassell ,NC)

I pray that my loved ones will have peace and think before we open our mouths and hurt someone we dont really mean it. I pray for my loved one to have Joy in their lives and in their heart to be mended from the hurt and pain of this world. I pray because I dont know what else to do and I need this prayer too. I hope that GOD has favor on us all and heals our hearts and minds, so we can show love to the ones that need it and love us. Amen

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Dec 08, 2012
by: jena benson

Dr dodogods I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE THE BEST . This is a fantastic email site. It is the best site I have ever been in……I am not really sure HOW I found this email actually…….. I was looking at something else and went of on a tangent within my browser. Suddenly I felt this word in my head and just typed it in. “LOVE”… second thought was I need some love in my life. Then your site just came up in front of my eyes I cant explain the feeling I got it was incredible. I felt like my guardians were guiding me to ask you for the help I need to bring love into my life. THEY WERE SO RIGHT>MY life has been transformed and I owe it all to you. I have love I am so happy I am excstatic. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the good works posted by/ jena benson form U.S.A

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