Peace in my home and life

by Annette C
(St Louis, MO)

I just want God to bring peace to my home and my daughter home. I worry about her due to the people she hangs around. I would like God to remove all the people around her that don't mean her any good. I ask that God will bless Alexis Cole with some godly friends that will teach her and help her to understand the word of God. Also I ask God to cover Alexis and my grandson Andre with His blood of protection. I pray that God will remove the evil spirit of marijuana from Alexis. I pray that God will fill the taste for marijuana with the taste of the Holy Ghost. I don't want to worry about my child being safe, so I'm thanking God for peace right now in Jesus name. I also pray for Ezekiel my guy, I ask that God will remove the spirit of drinking from his life. I'm thanking God in advance to bring peace to Ezekiel and teach him to walk righteously before God. I pray that God heal Ezekiel trouble heart and bring peace in his life. I pray that God will bless my mother with an home of her own. She's been staying with me for 7 years and desires to have her own place. It's been nothing but frustration in my home and I'm tired. I can't take it anymore, I'm just wanting peace for everyone. I try my best to be there and help everyone, but feel like I'm the one being dogged out. Please just pray with me for PEACE, that's all I ask for in Jesus name Amen

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