Peace of mind

by Renee
(Akron ohio )

Dear father god in heaven I ask you to come in my life I ask for a understanding , I am hoping that you hear me. At this time I am very confused about my life I don't understand why life is giving me such a headache what did I do so wrong to cause this much pain sometimes I wish I wasn't here help me make it right I can't do this without you, you are the only person I could run to don't nobody understand me probably no one will ever care I wish I could hear you talk back I'm so stressed out sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy but I'll be OK. I know you got me and you won't put me through nothing I can't handle I'm a strong believer in that I'm only 19 I have a future and with you it can only get better if I'm at Rock bottom I can only climb to the top I love you god NOMATTER what I know you are doing what's best for me I know you are molding me into the Women you want me to be take your time I wanna blossom like a rose the finest petal I wanna be just like you I wanna live just like you I wanna love you until the end of time I wanna grow closer to you help me in anyway you could the devil fights hard when I run to you but there is no one out here stronger then you, so you will help me get through this battle I rebuke all evil in the name of JESUS AMEN

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