Please be the one match that starts the fire

by Brittany
(Sparks Nevada)

Please help me be just one match that starts the fire

I beg of you please help me light the way even in the darkest of times.. I thank you Father for giving ur son r brother JC who suffered in blood on the cross for our sins who looked to u n begged for love n forgivness... for we do not truly know what we have done to u our Father who watched his sons n daughters B-4-hate then B-4-love n love2hate.. my prayer is for u Father.. tears I shed for u children who I know love an wait to come home.. Please let me be one match that starts 2light the way even in the darkest of times... and I give u Father my blood love selflessness and pain so I-we can one day come back home to u again.... I pray in our brother's name Jesus an humanity Amen´╗┐

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