Please bless the restoration of my business.

(Walker, LA)

Heavenly Father, You have blessed us in all things through your Holy Son Jesus, there is nothing that is that did not come though Him. I thank you for these things you have given me: Strong hands and a strong back, good health, and the knowledge and skills needed to run a business.

Through my own neglect, I lost my previous business. I can blame no one for it but myself, though there were several who attacked me when I was down. Again, however, this would never have happened if I had been in Your Will, and now I have learned my lesson.
I beg your forgiveness, and I repent of my former bad choices that were based on my own greed and selfishness. Thank you for forgiving me, for you said you would forgive all who ask for forgiveness.
Help me to stay focused, and please lead me away from the temptation to do things "my way". Your Way is the Only Way. Help me to see other people through Your eyes, with love and respect and the desire to always give them more than their money's worth.
I give to You all that I am, and ask that You continue to make me more like You. Please place in my heart the desire to share my wealth with Your church and Your missionaries, and help me to know the best place to share.
Above all, cleanse my heart and soul, and renew my spirit, and help me to be a blessing to all I encounter. Cool my temper when a customer makes me angry, and help me to remember that this customer may just be in need of Your healing salvation. Let my business be a mission to all who are in need of Your saving grace, or perhaps just needs someone to talk to. I am no longer my own, Lord, I am Yours! Use me!
Again, thank you for all you have done for me, and the lessons learned. May Your Holy Name be lifted up forever!

I ask this all in the precious name of Jesus. Amen

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Sep 18, 2012
your prayer is answered NEW
by: micheal


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-- Eradication of Debts/Poverty

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-- Awareness of Wealth Schemes for borrowers

I hope to receive your prompt response and interest for us to process your loan and in less than 2 weeks funding granted.

Our Goal: Making a world of wealth to reach out to others in need. Remain Blessed and No Regrets!

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129,Raritan Avenue
Highland Park, NJ 08904
United States

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