Please bring swift judgement to those that have ignored

by Rhonda


Today I turn all thing over to you. You are are the great equalizer of all things. Please bring swift judgement to those that have ignored the cries of employees and patients being mistreated. Help me to seek justice for them and be their voice. Please help me financially recover from the wrongful termination for speaking up about the things that were so wrong. I ask that the DOJ do what is right and seek to the fullest extent restitution for the wrongdoing. Please help the witnesses speak the truth and help them remember the events that we spoke about and were ignored.

Jesus, I have complete faith that you will help me as I have struggled and am now in a desperate situation financially. I have not been able to obtain a job due to the evil power of this company. Help me to be given the job I was called about on Friday. In all things...I pray to you. With love, faith and purity I ask these things.


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