Please don't let this man take away everything that we have built

by Lien
(Modesto ca )

Dear lord, I have always been a giving person. Giving everything even when I really can't afford to give. But now I need you lord to help me and my mom. We need you to give us the strength, hope, and a way to continue on with our company to be able to support ourselves. Without this conpany, we will lose what's left of my dad. With this company I have been able to be generous to those in need. I consider that to be a luxury even though it's benefiting others. It makes me feel closer to you when I do this. If this is all taken away, I am afraid. I'm afraid for my mother. I'm afraid for myself. Please be with us through this very emotional time. Please give my mom strength, and hope to do what needs to be done. Please don't let this man take away everything that we have built. Give those who need strength and courage to do the right thing and best thing. Don't let their fear stop them from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Send arch angels to show them the way how to face through their fears and become better. Lord I love you. Amen.

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