Please don't take the love of my life away from us...

by Linda

Dear Heavenly Father, i never prayed so much as right husband and the father of my kids are in jail and might be deported.i know that he have sins but I pray that he can get another chance to show he can changed and go to the right path.he made a mistake because he was hanging with the wrong friends being at the wrong place and time.i will do anything if you lord can help save my husband to beat this case and reunite us back together.


Words can't explain all the pain and the struggle out here by myself with 3 kids trying hard to work and school with no emotional support of any kind.i promise to listen to you lord and love you lord of all my life...

Please save my husband and reunite him to us and don't take him away from us. We will show and prove to you that we are save from the darkness to the light. I know god can forgive and so can I.This is my last resort.... Please help us

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