Please forgive me & heal me of this & protect my family & friends

by G

Lord Jesus,


My mind & thoughts are of judging others, strangers, friends, family & myself. Jealousy is also an issue. As a result I have become ridden with guilt , shame, embarrassment. This has led to depression & anxiety, obsessive thoughts. I also worry about what I would do in the future looking after myself etc. zero self confidence. Take my bad thoughts. Pride, arrogance etc. weird thoughts of time & terrible fear. I've lost hope & faith & I'm sorry. My relationships are very much damaged with others, God & myself.

I have had thoughts of not being. I'm angry at God. Jesus, I confess all this to You Jesus. Please forgive me & heal me of this & protect my family & friends. Please allow me now to forgive anyone that's hurt me, to forgive God & myself.

I fall on my knees Jesus. I give it all to You now Jesus & I'm healed in the all powerful name of Jesus Christ. AMEN

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