Please help a forgotten one

I'm sure that there are many, many people less fortunate in life than I. However, I too, feel worthy of being granted a special wish. My life has become overwhelming. Mainly due to financial obligations that I cannot meet. I want to fulfill my responsibilities and pay for the bills that I and my family need assistance with.


I do not want to burden others as everyone I know is struggling too. I am supposed to be the provider for my family and I feel as though I am failing them. I know that money can become an evil unto itself but money truly is what I need right now. I am praying to win the lottery tonight. I have purchased tickets in the past with nary but an insignificant refund of the ticket cost. Why cannot I be fortunate enough to receive a substantial gift? I would not squirrel it away and keep it all to myself. I would indeed bless others as I would have been blessed.

Please hear my prayer. Please help me to win this lottery so that my life can once again be filled with joy and laughter and pride. I feel as though I am nothing and forgotten. I want to be the strength and provider for those that I love and also others that feel forgotten too.

Thank You.

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