Please help, Lord, I am about to lose my home to foreclosure

by diana

Dear Lord, please help me. I'm about to lose my home to foreclosure. I have no where to go. My daughter just moved back in with me because she's pregnant. I want to help her, but can't even help myself. I don't ask for any fancy things, just enough money to keep my roof over our heads.


I can't sleep,eat or even breath anymore. I wish I can sell my house and move. Been trying for 3 months now, and nothing. I can't stop crying and feel like such a failure. Please help.

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May 15, 2016
For you
by: Allison

I am praying for you with you. I have been through a foreclosure as a child and I know the struggle I pray you come out of this and I pray for strength for you

Oct 19, 2015
it will alway get better
by: Maria

I understand the stress you must be going through. I am not sure what your current home situation is but the LORD has a plan for all of us. DO not be scared because you aren't the first or the last to have issues with their home. Do not stress if the situation isn't going the way you want it to however something good will come out of all this ugly mess. maybe its better that you wont have a house you aren't the first to lose it or the last person. Maybe God wants you to focus on something else and is removing you for a reason and the fact that your daughter is having a baby is a beautiful sign God is blessing you in a different way. Believe me losing your home is stressful but it will get better I promise. don't worry if you lose the house. its just a house. plus if you cant short sale the home or make a deal with the bank let the house go. you will get money for the bank to move out once the house is sold. it will be ok. focus on your new grandchild and the everything wonderful God has for you. Our Lord is moving your family for a reason and its a good reason. HOWEVER if you are still in the home I am glad you got to keep you home. either way GOD is always with us and it always gets better. I will pray for you and your family.

Jan 15, 2015
May God save you
by: Ty

I will pray for you to be saved if you have not already. I know you want to keep your home. May God bless you to do so.

Jul 14, 2014
God hears you
by: Anonymous


We have been close to foreclosure as well. There is hope. We have had our mortgage modified twice. It will be ok. Remember, the universe is a sounding board. Send out prosperity, send out abundance. I will pray for you and your situation.

Dear God,

I thank you in advance for the money and resources for Diana. She is already enjoying these blessings. All is right.


Dec 02, 2013
Hang in there.
by: Anonymous

I know it sounds contrived to say, but I know you are being tested and I pray that something will happen very soon to help relieve you pain. You have to believe God is faithful. My prayers go out to you.

Oct 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

I would like to pray 4 others who came and asked
4 help may u b blessed and receive some help
From our father ...GOD BLESS ALL AMEN

Sep 29, 2013
i will pray for you
by: Anonymous

My mom and I are losing our home not to foreclosure but lack of funds to keep going although we worry we could run out soon and end up my mom needs to sell.I feel your pain and I pray God blesses you and your daughter and grandchild to be with all you need to have a happy life and prosper and all good things.please pray for me Kaye and my mom Terri too. May you be receive a miracle in His Name Amen

Aug 09, 2013
it is all about TRUST........
by: Dr. Tommy

Dear Foreclosure; Be encouraged by God's word......You have stated your case now start start speaking Words of Faith from the Bible. You have asked God now Trust God. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen....Without faith, it is impossible to Please God. Don't stop there, turn your Life over to God, your daughter needs to do the same thing and experience the miracle working Power of God.....Encourage yourself in the Lord, don't settle for pity but seek power from God.

Phil 4:19 and my God shall supply all of your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Psalm 23:1 the Lord is my Shepard and I shall want. Read also Proverb 3:1thru9..........

Prayer.....By you.
Promise......By GOD.
Problem.......By Satan
Perseverance.....By you.
Praise.......By you.
God Bless you, 'time with out end'.....
Provision.......By God.

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