Please help me come out of my financial problems

Dear lord, please help me come out of my financial problems, that everething about my case in court falls to bennefit me and my children.I will accept any outcome that you may permit.I do have faith in you that you will help though all this as you have always been there for me.Please lord i also ask you to help my children follow your path and keep them safe from evil, any danger, sickness.Please lord protect my familly, my parents, uncle,brothers and sisters, nephews and nices.Please lord i pray to you for world peace, that all your children learn to accept you in their hearts and stop hating.i have faith in you my lord.And thank you for my loving grandma for all the years you let her be with us to love us and care for us, may you keep her with you in your kingdom.amen

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Financial proplem /attark from spirit of dead my wife and kids will nt die
by: Mr/mrs chuks basil

God we thank you for all candenes in our life bet we real need financial favour/bearkthough my God is nt poor why me be came poor No Baba God i remeber you ur word in jer 29v11,jer33v3,romans 9v15-16 let our name bein vove in the poeple you will show mercy we shall nt die ps 118v17 God pls do something geart for me and my family let those that forget my wife began to rember her with a gud gift in jesus name am

help me pls
by: Anonymous

Lord, for many years now i am struggling to make ends meet for my daily life. My business is not doing good and I am struggling to pay the 2 office staff salary every month. I can't tell them to go as I need them both. Everyday I feel iam getting knocked hard by all situations. I am a few loans and credit card loans to settle and my name is not good in the banking system. I have not abuse any of my loans but I used it in my business to keep afloat. Lord please help me. For the past 7 years now, I don't even take a salary and now my sister is helping me for the past 6 months to pay even my house loan. I have sold my car and the latest is I have cancelled my Life insurance policy. I am not medical covered and if anything happens I don't have a insurance medical to help me.My wife helps me some months to pay the expenses of the house and office. I am so tired and afraid of what is going to happen to me and my family. Please help me lord. I cannot go on anymore

A prayer of help
by: Elizabeth cameros

Please God help me have more strenght and courage to become a better and brighter person formyself and my children I feel so hopeless not able to give them the better life they all deserve please find a job soon so I can full fill their dreams and live happier always protect them from harmand evil please forgive me for all.the sins that I have commited and people I have hurt for I am a good person and mother that just needs your guidance and help living by your rules and the right way oh lord I am.crying out for u to come into my heart and life and bring happiness for my children and myself amen.

by: Anonymous

Dear Heaven Father, i come before your throne this morning, asking for your help in my life, my finances, my work and my children, asking for blessing and your guidance over me and my children, God please help me in my relationship, i pray for you to restore my relationship, i pray for your favour in my relationship, my children, my work. God i ask for financial favour in my finances, and for you to take me out of this bondage that im in, Jesus i Love yoy, my king, and i Need you in all that i do, in the mighty name of Jesus, i pray for my family this morning, my sisters, brothers, and all their children, bless them abundently, i Jesus name. thank you Lord. Amen

financial problems
by: thomas foley

please GOD help me with my financial problems help me to find a job very soon

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