Please help me not to injure, offend, or abuse any more people


Dear Almighty, Supreme Holy Trinity/One God,

Please release me from the oppression of evil that would make me think I want evil, when it is nothing but lies, diseases, and death/murder. Please release everyone who is in the same oppression as me. Release us, dear God . . . it has gotten so bad, I think the greatest mercy is my release by death.

Please help me not to injure, offend, or abuse any more people than I already have, especially You, Lord, for I have injured, offended, and abused you the most. Help me to release myself from obsession with evil. Lord God, please help me to die, so that You alone may live in me (did the saints request this because they too were oppressed?). Please, Lord, protect everyone who comes within my environment . . . although most have already excluded me from their circles. Holy Trinity/One God, please help me . . ., but most of all help to accept Your help. AMEN.

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Dec 31, 2014
help me not to injure offend or abuse any more people
by: angel

Please remember you are a child of Divine Light. You are held in the arms of Divine Love and you are loved. We wound others when we come from a wounded past. Sit quietly and repeat this prayer every hour. " I am filled with the Light of the Spirit, it cleanses me of all past wounds and hurt, it flows through every part of me healing my heart of all past anger and rage. I am forgiven and in that forgiveness I come from a place of Peace. I in turn forgive everyone from my past who may have injured me either physically, mentally or emotionally. "Forgive them Lord they know not what they did" I truly regret my past actions and will do all I can to make amends to everyone I have hurt and prove myself to them so that they trust me again. In this intention I am supported by the Loving Presence of the Divine and all the help I need is given to me. And so it is. Amen

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