Please help me regain what I lost

by Ann
(Deer park)

Please lord Jesus I have been foolish and stupid and have done things without thinking of the consequences , please forgive for my sins help me to stop doing things are are putting me in financial despair. Jesus you had blessed me with my own home and I sold it because the father of my children wanted me to do it it so I did, then when we broke up my new partner ask me to invest the money with promising me that we would buy a home again together, Jesu 10 years later still no house , no proof that he said that to me and I know I don't have hope from him to get one every time I ask him he ignores me. Lord Jesus I have been gambling money I don't have to spare in the hope that I can buy us a home again. Dear Lord I know I don't derseve a second chance now , but please could you make this happen through him or someone who has money that can give me this chance again not for myself but to leave my children when I pass away Jesus please help me I promise not to do this agin but to grateful for your blessing Jesus I don't just ask for myself but for all my brothers and sisters in the world who need your help in your name Jesus please answer my prayer Amen.

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