Please help me to be strong and have a clear mind

by Maui

God, please me to be strong all the time in time of trials and all negative vibes coming along the way. Please give me strenght to face all the things will come along my way with your guidance and love. Please help louise to thing positve and think good for all the people she loved. thank you for giving me all the blessings that i have everday. Thank you for all the people around me who always make me happy and positive towards to things.

Please help me to fix things and talk to louise clearly so I can help her with her problems as well. make me as your instrument for her to find real or true happiness with your name. Thank you and I wish you will also guide my sister to finish her sstudies. Thank you for always listning to my prayers. I love you God and your always be my armor towards to all negative things. Please help me to have peace in my mind and heart. Guide me to my next class AMEX wave 15. Thank you so much Please hear my prayers po.


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