Please help me with this manager for my life at work is miserable

I've been stressed out for some time now. First at work there is new manager. She doesn't care for me. In 5 years I've worked there ive always got my raise. an incident happened at the register in which the credit machine did a time out. The customer said she didn't need her receipt. I gave her her grocery and turned to help my co-worker who is a older lady. She is very slow and I began to bag the grocery for her. After that I offered her my register for I was third up to be relieved, and she wanted to get home to her sick husband. When I looked up at my register it timed out which means the lady credit card did not go threw. The amount was for $43.76. I ran out to see if I could find the lady but she was gone. When they took me outside I offered to pay for it but was told no. I told them they didn't need to do this , it's at the manager discussion. So I lost my raise. Please help me with this manager for my life at work is miserable.

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