Please help me

by Daniel

My name is Daniel and I recently broke my ankle. Im 13 and I'm trying to keep strong and turn to God and pray. My dad doesn't really care about my ankle and I'm trying not to give up on myself and God. It's really hard to do anything and he rarely helps me. Please can you pray for me and my ankle to heal soon. I can't stand the pain and all the stuff I am going through. Thank you so much and God bless you!

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Praying for you
by: Anonymous

Praying for you as your ankle heals and for your Dad as well. You are a blessing. You are loved. Dads are people too and sometimes their responsibilities are greater than we realize. Always seek God's guidance.

God Bless
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord,

I pray that you bless this child and that the pain within his ankle immediately disappears in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Give him the strength to resist the pain and realize his dad loves him no matter what. Please God help his ankle start feeling better as he is your child and You love him.

In Jesus Name I Pray


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