Please help my son who has custody of his daughter

by Maria
(Schwenskville, PA)

Dear Lord,


Please help my son who has custody of his daughter going through a battle with the mother of his daughter for visitation. Please limit the visitation of the mother to only twice monthly for 3 hours per the judges original recommendations and what was posted found to be an error. This drug addict does not need to put this little girl through metal anguish. Please protect this little girl from her mother. Please help this little girl grow up healthy and free from all the turmoil her mother has already put her 8 year old daughter through.

The mother has been in jail 4 times and been through numerous drug clinics and will lie to get whatever she wants and has attempted suicide several times. (All this can be proven). So please Lord, please protect this little girl Bella at all costs from her mother.

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