Please Help our family

by Christine
( East Falmouth, Ma. United States)

Dear God, Our family and myself want to thank you and also Mary mother of God and Jesus Christ for everything, we do know you have been there for us in so many ways. At this time we are in such a financially crisis and we really hope our prayers will get answered and we also would love to pay it forward. We are in debt with people and bills badly and our credit is not great and we are really wanting to purchase a home for our family which will be big enough for our daughter and grandchildren and mother in law and possible father in law.


We really could use enough to put down for a down payment to purchase a home for us all together and to help others, I hope if we had a good down payment that our poor credit will be ok. please prayer for our family thank you so much and I do have health issues and need two tumers removed in surgery but my real stress is getting our family into a larger home soon as possible. We love you and will pay if forward whenever it is possible. We our grateful to have you in our lives, Christine and family

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by: Anonymous

thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers it means alot and and we appreciate it so much,our prayers go out to your family also, God Bless

please help our family
by: Anonymous

I understand where you need prayers for your health and financial situation, we also want to make sure our daughter and grandchildren always have a roof over their heads when its time for us to go to heaven. Our family prays for you in so many ways, we hope they will get answered. You are blessed and loved. Keep up the faith. Sincerely a friend forever and good things will come.

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