Please pray for healing for my eyes

by Karen
(United States)

I have extremely dry eyes and I've been praying for help/healing for them the last 6 months and everything I've tried has led to closed doors. My eyes consistently feel gritty, dry and burn. Nothing helps.


I'm on prescription meds as well as eye vitamins but they provide little to no relief and as the months go on, the worse my eyes feel. I am at a total loss as to what else to try or what else to do for them. I just want the burning to go away. I want the dryness in my eyes to disappear and want them to feel normal again.

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Jun 26, 2014
I had the same problem
by: Roisin - UK

I had tears in my eyes reading your post as I too have had the exact same problem. I prayed to God and asked for guidance to be shown what to do (after over a year of the problem). At a healing service the preacher talked about getting your body physically strong through exercise to overcome mental and physical problems. I started to exercise intensively a few times a week and gradually over time things improved. Also like you I take supplements. (Omega eye have really helped me). I am praying for you now, I know the pain, terror and depression that this can cause. Blessings to you Karen.

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