Please pray for me and my son

by Christine

Dear friends,


Back in March I made a terrible mistake. I was having a bad day and went out with my sister for a drink. I wound up having 3. On the way home I pulled into a convenience store parking lot to answer a phone call which turned out to be bad news, so I sat there much longer than normal. Someone saw me crying and called the police and I was ultimately arrested for DWI.

The penalty for this could include jail time. As a single mom I am terrified of what will happen to my 6 year old son. Not to mention that we live in a very rural area so I'm not even sure how I will be able to take care of him without a license. The small amount of money I had set aside for us is now being used for an attorney.

I know I have to face the consequences of what I did, but I feel like a terrible mother for screwing up my son's life. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

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